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Services for Digital Humanities

The main mission of UMS Archeovision is the support to project leaders, who wish to integrate a 3D component in their research (acquisition, renditions, valuation and 3D databases). It carries out all kinds of expertises and collaborates in scientific programs.

Its role is to support 3D projects in the fields of heritage and culture, and more specifically with regard to research and development.
Indeed, the use of 3D technologies requires a complex in-depth reflection before being able to get involved in projects that are often very expensive and whose technological substrate is constantly evolving.

Throughout the projects, a methodology has been developed by the UMS Archeovision to ensure the good use of 3D as a research tool in the service of scientific objectives in SHS. To the many requests for expertise or support that come to us, we ensure the scientific validation of the uses of 3D in the responses.

Among the services offered, we provide research teams with our ArcheoGRID collaborative data management tool for SHS projects with a 3D component. It allows, among other things, to organize the documentation during the whole project and to prepare the data for archiving and their opening ( OpenData publication, reuse).

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