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3D digitization and survey

Lasergrammetry, 3D photogrammetry, SLAM…

We carry out all types of 3D scan and set up the necessary methods according to the problems. From the object to the site, we are able to digitize at sub-millimeter and colour resolutions in all types of environments (museum context, caves, etc.).

Technological developments and the democratization of 3D digitization methods have naturally led to a great interest for this type of data. In this context, we hope to bring a scientific, precise and qualitative approach, in order to meet the challenges.

Our network of partners (dronists, topographers, etc.) allows us to stay at the forefront of all technologies and keep on improving our quality.

From the acquisitions enable us to produce directly usable 3D data, point clouds, textured meshes. Graphic documents, plans, sections, orthoimages, are created by designers specialized in historical monuments from these data.

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