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For more than 15 years, Archeovision Production has been providing all types of services for heritage professionals (museums, communities, archaeological site owners, laboratories, etc.).

From prehistory to industrial archaeology, whether in the fields of 3D digitization,of archaeological survey or architecture, of restitution or valorization, Archeovision Production (formerly Archeotransfert) puts all its experience and expertise provide a relevant and adapted response to the needs of institutional or private structures.

UMS Archeovision offers its expertise to project leaders wishing to integrate 3D into their program.

  • 3D scanning by lasergrammetry and photogrammetry,
  • Archaeological and architectural surveys, plans and orthoimages
  • 3D modeling and renditions of missing sites,
  • Realization of heritage BIM
  • Production of interactive films and interfaces
  • Experiences in Mixed Reality, Virtual or Augmented
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