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3D Consortium

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The 3D SHS Consortium was created in 2014 by Huma-Num to meet a growing need for expertise in 3D practices in Humanities. Since 2014, Archeovision has been leading this consortium, labeled for 4 years.

In 2018, the Huma-Num Scientific Council renewed its labeling for a new quadrennial (2018 – 2021).

Uses of 3D technologies are diversifying and occupying an increasingly important place in the processes of studying human societies.
Several research teams play a role in the appropriation of these new tools and thus collaborate in the emergence of new practices.
The 3D consortium proposes a network of heavily involved units to federate these practices.

The need to structure the use of 3D in a national consortium meets several objectives:

  • Embrace all the uses of 3D for the study of human societies
  • Coordinate and structure the production of 3D models at a national level  and help the leading positioning of French teams
  • Disseminate“guidelines” for the use of 3D in the partner network.

These concerns reflect the desire of all actors in the 3D consortium to connect together, coordinate and / or pool their efforts in order to optimize the insertion of 3D methodologies in the service of research objectives, at regional, national and international level.

The consortium proposes to:

  • Alert research stakeholders in Humanities to issues related to the use of 3D models
  • Clarify the vocabulary associated with 3D technologies for digital humanities
  • Pool resources (rendering, calculation, conservatory, backup, license server cluster)
  • Develop specific 3D tools for humanities in open source
  • Spread good practices (methodology, formats, metadata schema, etc.)
  • Promote multidisciplinary partnerships (Computer Science / Digital Humanities) respecting the objectives of each
  • Take into account the problems of using 3D coming from field work
  • Identify scientific contexts of 3D productions and place of deposit of 3D models
  • Set up the 3D National Repository and a web portal, listing all 3D models produced in Humanities, make it all work together.

The work produced for the first 4 years are collected in the white paper.

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