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On August 23, 2018 on France 2 at 8:55 pm, the Archeovision images produced for the Aton-Num exhibition illustrated Secrets d’Histoire “Nefertiti, mysterious queen of Egypt”. In this documentary presented by Stéphane Bern, 37 seconds were produced by the team.

On June 15, Archeovision was involved in the National Days of Archeology at the National Archives in Paris with the scientific partners of the project the Monuments of the Orient (Labex « Les passés dans le présent ») on the stakes of the protection of the archaeological heritage in Syria and the presentation of the Tell Feres and Tureng Tepe sites.

Tuesday, June 12 at 20:50, video clips produced as part of the exhibition Aton Num on France 5 in the documentary “sun and men” written by Dominique Barré.

May 2018, in the CNRS publication « Les carnets de la science # 4 », Archeovision contributed to the spring-summer issue whose subject was: “how science reveals heritage”.


Archeovision presented excerpts of videos produced during the Aton Num exhibition « in the lost tomb of Nefertiti » broadcast on December 5th on RMC découverte at 20:50.

The Aton Num exhibition continued from April 24th to June 24th in the Exhibition Space of the Central University Library of Lille SHS.


At the Louvre-Lens from November 2nd, as part of the exhibition “the story begins in Mesopotamia”:
Presentation of a film about Mari’s palace, conceived as part of a collaboration with Jean-Claude Margueron, Béatrice Muller and Nicolas Bresch. The project continues with the Labex “Les Passés dans le présent”.

Since July 2016, the Cité Internationale de la tapisserie à Aubusson has integrated in its touch pads an application on the Château de Vaulserre developed as part of the Arachne ANR project carried by the Center François-Georges Pariset (UBM).

The Getty Center (Los Angeles, USA) hosts the animation set up decorations in the cathedral of Reims for the coronation of Louis XV in 1722 developed by Archeotransfert as part of the project Arachne (ANR programme directed by the Center François-Georges Pariset / UBM) until May 1, 2016.

The journal “Nature” (June 2, 2016, volume 534) published the study of the anthropic structures of the Bruniquel Cave: 3D digitization by photogrammetry of the site was carried out by Pascal Mora (Archeotransfert).

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