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The main mission of the UMS is the support to project promoters, who wish to integrate a 3D component into their research (acquisition, renditions, valuation and 3D databases). She carries out expertises, collaborates with scientific programs and performs 3D services. It also has a role of conservatory for these 3D files.

Its role is to assist 3D projects in the field of heritage and culture, and more specifically with regard to research and development.
Indeed, the use of 3D technologies requires a complex in-depth reflection before being able to embark on projects that are often very expensive and whose technological substrate is constantly evolving.

The pilot programs allow the UMS to methodologically clear the research needs and to initiate multidisciplinary partnerships in the field of the use of 3D in the service of scientific objectives in SHS. Faced with numerous requests for expertise or support that reach us, the UMS provides scientific validation of the uses of 3D in the responses. The difficulty lies in the obligation of results for all requests as well as the need for coherence.

The identity of Archeovision was built in the practice of action research, that is to say that the development of new knowledge and theoretical reflections is accompanied by their application. Thanks to its transferring transfer unit, the development of knowledge leads to concrete achievements, within the framework of projects systematically carried out in close collaboration with specialists in charge of scientific files.

Archéovision sets up a 3D data conservatory thanks to the partnership with Huma-Num, which provides unlimited, redundant storage space, metadata indexing for data retention and organization.

Since 2014, Archéovision coordinates the National 3D Consortium set up by the CNRS (Huma Num).

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